22 cool streets in Vienna ensure cooling

Summer 2019 was particularly hot and many people could only cool off by retreating to air-conditioned interiors or by jumping into the fresh water. The heat situation has particularly worsened in larger cities. The dense development creates heat islands and concrete and asphalt are good heat stores and ensure that cities cool down more slowly.

The world weather organization warns of a hot summer 2020, which could even break all previous records. Vienna is preparing for the city summer with 22 cool streets. The fog showers in these cool streets are said to improve people’s quality of life on hot days.

22 cool streets in Vienna

With fog technology from Raintime


The interior of these “cool stelae” comes from the company Raintime located in Münchedorf, an Austrian master company specializing in fog technology and fog cooling. The spray mist system consists of 23 special stainless steel mist nozzles that do not require high pressure pumps but only a flow pressure from 4 bar (optimally 8 to 10 bar).

Fine mist is sprayed from these column nozzles, which lowers the ambient temperature. A stele can lower the ambient temperature by 5 degrees. If there are trees in the area or it is a street with trees, the cooling can also be around 10 degrees.

Low water consumption

Pure drinking water is used for the nebulization and the total water consumption is a low 42 liters per stele. The system also has a temperature sensor and only switches on from an ambient temperature of 25 ° C. If the ambient temperature cools down, the fog cooling also switches off, just as it does when it rains and the fog stele is only active between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Until 20 September you can let yourself be refreshed by the spray stelae in 18 Viennese districts in 22 cool streets.

Raintime projects with fog showers

Esterhazypark – Cooling Park Vienna
Air steles Calafatti Square, Vienna
Cooling with fog film festival 2019 – Rathausplatz Vienna
Augustinerkeller Bietzinger / Albertina Vienna
Film festival 2019 – Rathausplatz Vienna
Fog system for AIRSHIP. mobile cultural forest

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Raintime fog technology

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