Creating climate oases in the inner city area

Recreational places for humans and animals

Keeping the city cool in hot places

Urban cooling

Creating climate oases

As it becomes increasingly hot in cities and densely built-up areas in the summer months, making it less inviting to linger, we ensure bearable temperatures in an energy-efficient and resource-saving way thanks to our high-pressure mist cooling. The high pressure in our systems atomises water through our fine nozzles and creates a pleasant freshness with the help of so-called evaporative cooling. Due to the high pressure and the fine nozzles, our systems are also very water-saving, which is of great importance in today’s times.



Mist Stele

Our mist steles are now very widespread in Vienna and have already transformed many streets, alleys and some squares into true climate oases. Due to their simple design, they fit into any cityscape. They can be made of stainless steel or in any paint finish; the height and number of nozzles can also be varied. The only requirement is a minimum diameter of 90 mm.


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Floor mist

The floor mist created by our AquaSaal floor nozzle allows us to cool even busy places without restriction. There is another advantage due to the concentration of the mist close to the ground, so especially children, but also pets benefit more from the installation. Also the moistening of the ground contributes to the fact that there is a longer cooling effect. A good example is the installation at Praterstern, which we implemented in 2022.



Temperature and/or motion sensors

To avoid unnecessary consumption of resources, our plants are equipped with a control system developed specifically for this application. Depending on the requirements, different sensors can be connected – be it a temperature sensor, where the activation of the system can be controlled depending on the outside temperature (e.g.: 25°C), or by means of a motion detector. If you use AquaSaal floor jets with light, you can set the RGB light in all colors. In case of several sections, there is even a possibility to create a choreography.


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