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for water features and ground mist

Our floor nozzles, specially developed for this purpose and made of stainless steel and manufactured in Austria, which can be quickly and easily installed directly into the floor covering, paving or even into Rigol cover panels, are characterized by robustness, elegance and flexibility. By installing it using a rubber seal similar to RDS (tight pipe duct elements), the AquaSaal nozzle can also be easily maintained and quickly replaced if damaged. Safe nozzles that protect against vandalism are the perfect solution for any public space.


The AquaSaal is available in different versions

AquaSaal110 with a visible diameter of 115 mm, this version can be put together variably in a modular system for any effect. They are available with a foam nozzle, jet nozzle or 3 high-pressure nozzles and the whole thing also with an RGB light effect.

AquaSaal50 with a visible diameter of 50 mm, this version is also partly variable, it is available with a jet nozzle, low-pressure nozzle or a high-pressure nozzle. A special example of the implementation of a water feature with the AquaSaal jets can be found in Vienna at the Praterstern, where Austria’s largest water feature was created as part of the redesign of the forecourt.


Also a holder for high-pressure nozzles specially developed for discreet and visually clean surfaces, which is used for ground mist, air humidification and cooling in public and private areas. In public areas, we also use our “safe” nozzles to minimize vandalism to the system. The AquaSchott screw connection is usually installed in trenches or false ceilings; a 16 mm hole with a thread is required.

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