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Garden irrigation


What are the advantages of permanently installed, automated garden irrigation?

  • Time saving: the automatic control takes over the watering processes at the set times, an optional rain sensor switches the system off when there is sufficient natural precipitation.
  • Lower water consumption: by watering in the cool morning hours, the evaporation of the water applied can be kept to a minimum. Savings potential on hot summer days of up to 70%!
  • Flexibility: you can go on vacation or a long weekend with peace of mind without having to organize someone to water your garden – this works completely automatically with an irrigation system!
    Healthier plants and higher yields in your kitchen garden!
  • Increase in value: by installing an automatic irrigation system, you increase the long-term value of your property.


How does garden irrigation work?

The essential element of automatic irrigation is the control device – also the “heart” of the system. It controls how long watering takes place, on which day and at what time. Once set, it runs fully automatically even when you are away. Of course, integration into modern home controls and SmartHome systems is possible. The solenoid valves, which work like electric faucets, regulate the flow of water. The built-in rain- sensor tells the system whether irrigation is necessary or whether there has been enough natural precipitation. Professional irrigation works with sprayers and sprinklers that are embedded in the lawn and move in and out silently using water pressure, as well as pressure-compensating drip hoses with even water distribution, the ideal irrigation for hedges and beds.

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