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Modern easy to handle technology supports your daily garden maintenance and allows you to enjoy your precious free time. Automatic irrigation systems and lawn robots are perfectly tailored to the needs of your garden and thus simplify your work in your garden.


Control Technology

We develop sophisticated systems to control the temperature, humidity, irrigation and much more. Modern control technology and sensors allow zielgrechte automatic zone control of fog and irrigation systems. What sounds complicated is very easy to use and the results convincing.


Pond and pool technology

We are pleased to offer the sale of Messner pond technology in Austria.

The Messner brand stands for pond products by professionals for professionals:

5 years warranty from the series eco-X2 speak for themselves! The pumps are manufactured in Germany, and are characterized by innovative technology, quality materials and a particularly energy-saving and long-term operation.

The product range includes not only pumps for ponds, pools, fountains, streams, etc. but also the necessary accessories like waterfall bars, Waterfall bowls, fountain nozzles and water jet-strips, as well as skimmers, pond filter, UV-C technology, underwater lights, pond hoses and much more!


Robot grasscutter

Perfect Lawn Care Made Easy!

AAs master craftsmen we are convinced that an attempt to sell this product over the counter, must fail if this is not professionally installed by an expert. From experience we know that there is in this area a lot of dubious offers.

So, be therefore please be careful to whom you entrust the job to install your lawn robot. A site visit is absolutely necessary! Likewise, a follow-up or an appropriate follow-up of your device! The Rasenroboter of AL-KO and Robomow to mow your lawn automatically and reliably. The dynamic design and quiet operation are further advantages of the two product lines, compared to conventional Mährobotern from trading.

Gradients of up to 35% deal with the Rasenroboter easily and mow the lawn down to the last corner.

The grass clippings will be chopped up finely and serves the lawn as natural fertilizer.

Intelligent technology made for you!

As an official partner AL-KO and Robomow RAINTIME offers

  • expert advice
  • professional planning
  • professional and affordable installation and service
  •  tailored information


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Fog technology

Water innovatively used: humidification, air cooling, dust and odor control with fog technology. Current Technolgy is clean and extremely energy saving and even allows air cooling outdoors!


Modern irrigation systems offer numerous advantages: time savings, lower water consumption, flexibility, value and above all, a beautiful garden and healthy plants.

Technology & more

What is already familiar in the homes, is also possible in the garden. Little hard-working assistants and simple controls will help you save time and money.

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