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Control technology for irrigation systems

Modern and easy-to-use technology supports you in the daily care of your garden and green space. The control of your automatic irrigation system can be perfectly tailored to your needs: whether manual control, pure time control, intelligent control using weather forecasts with remote access and control options, sensor-controlled irrigation or integration into your home control (BUS system, Loxone, . ..) or your smart home. We have the solution for your wishes!


Control technology for green walls

Since there are fewer and fewer areas for greenery in cities and it is getting hotter in the summer, alternative measures are being resorted to, such as green facades and green walls. We also offer a wide range of options for this – from time-controlled systems to systems controlled with moisture sensors that only water as needed and are therefore water-friendly. With remote monitoring, you can access the system at any time from a PC, tablet or cell phone in order to optimize and control it.

There is also currently the option of LoRaWan-controlled valves and sensors, which can be mounted wirelessly anywhere on the facade or in troughs.


Market leader in high-pressure fog systems

By implementing numerous innovative high-pressure fog systems in various areas, we have become the market leader in Austria. We rely on the highest quality of our components, the most modern pump technology, the finest atomization through stainless steel nozzles and compliance with all necessary hygiene standards!

In this area too, we have been able to improve and further develop a wide variety of control systems in recent years – from simple controls for terraces and guest gardens to choreographed, multi-section-controlled fog systems with fans, temperature sensors, humidity sensors and remote access.


Product development

Our knowledge was also incorporated into the creation of products: We had to adapt some components such as pumps and controls to individual requirements – we developed other components from scratch! Our products are not only characterized by technical advances, but also set new standards in the areas of longevity, robustness and reduced consumption.


What is LoRa / LoRaWAN?

LoRa = Low Power (Low Radiation) Wide Area Network

Radio technology on 868 MHz
Free frequency (no coordination with frequency authority necessary)
Ranges between 2km (urban area) to 20km (country) between sensor (valve) and gateway (receiver)
Basically free to use
Optimized for low data volume and high energy efficiency; Battery operation possible
Good building penetration
Built-in encryption

Product execution

Innovation, a lot of experience and trained staff are required for the optimal implementation of projects. Thanks to our employees, our master company is a reliable partner when it comes to implementing irrigation and misting systems of all sizes. Of course, we are also happy to support you with the care and maintenance of our systems.


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