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The best air conditioner is the one you don’t need.
Green walls and vertical greening are a good option for improving the climate in the city!

Urban planning is facing an ever-increasing problem. Space in the city is expensive and the proportion of undeveloped areas and green spaces is decreasing. This exacerbates problems such as overheating and dust concentration in the air. The result is a poorer quality of life but also health risks.


 If horizontal is not possible, then vertical!

In order to improve the climate in the city, attempts are being made to increase the proportion of green spaces. However, open spaces in the city are rare and expensive. A new possibility is vertical surfaces: green walls! House facades are planted and transformed into vertical green spaces. This idea was developed further for many years and was in danger of being forgotten because there was a lack of suitable technical solutions. In particular, the question of irrigation and its control was a major challenge for which we now have the solution!


Modern automatic irrigation systems with multiple control loops

In order for a green wall to grow and thrive, the irrigation system must be able to react quickly and specifically to the very large daily and seasonal differences. In addition, the water requirement can also vary greatly between floors and directions.
We have developed systems that work with ground sensors and weather stations. This means that the water requirement can be adapted very precisely to the circumstances.

We make projects like this possible and ensure that these “hanging gardens” grow and thrive. Our innovation therefore creates a better climate in the city!

 The possibilities of sophisticated modern irrigation systems from Raintime

Our many years of experience in the field of irrigation and mist technology allow us to successfully break new ground and implement demanding projects on time and within budget. In order to implement such solutions, a lot of experience is necessary but also innovation, flexibility of technical solutions and craftsmanship precision.

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