Raintime GmbH

Your master company for water technology mist technology and garden equipment

Our product range includes irrigation systems, high-pressure mist technology, facade greening, pond technology, Rasenroboter and effective garden lighting.

We are proud of our highly trained staff that worked and responsible in our operations are for many years for our company’s success!

At our company headquarter in 2482 Münchendorf, Santorastraße 8 offers

  •  a sales showroom with a cross-section of our products
  • an outdoor viewing area with pattern equipment, so you a Raintime- irrigation system,
    View high-pressure mist system and Rasenroboter in operation, and
  • a large, well-stocked warehouse sale
  • a large customer parking area


About Us

The Austrian company is a leading expert on irrigation equipment, garden machinery and high-pressure fog systems in Austria, and is involved in the development of new, innovative products and sustainable systems with this issue.

Examples include, inter alia, the development of forward-looking mist control or the employees at facade greening and the World’s Fair – Expo 2015 in Milan.

Responsible for our success has always been our practice area, the high quality standard of the products, our services and cooperation with universities.

Therefore, we constantly develop ourselves, so that we always remain technically “on the pulse”, and our customers can deliver the best quality at attractive prices.


Santorastraße 8
2482 Münchendorf

Tel. +43 2259 30899



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Fog technology

Water innovatively used: humidification, air cooling, dust and odor control with fog technology. Current Technolgy is clean and extremely energy saving and even allows air cooling outdoors!


Modern irrigation systems offer numerous advantages: time savings, lower water consumption, flexibility, value and above all, a beautiful garden and healthy plants.

Technology & more

What is already familiar in the homes, is also possible in the garden. Little hard-working assistants and simple controls will help you save time and money.

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