Mist cooling for terraces and gardens

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Mist cooling

for terraces and gardens

With Raintime’s systems for mist cooling, it is possible to make even extremely hot days bearable and to achieve noticeable cooling for outdoor areas such as terraces, guest gardens and squares with very low energy and water consumption.

In the process, we have further developed the basic technical idea and turned it into a mature product that stands out from standard solutions in terms of durability, energy consumption and water requirements. The reference projects and the awards for innovation prove this.


Up to 10 °C cooling effect is possible.

Even 5 °C is perceived as significant cooling. Depending on the weather conditions, temperature and humidity, our mist cooling can reach up to 10 °C cooling effect.

It’s cooler, but you won’t get wet!

High-quality mist coolers cool without getting you wet. The fineness of the droplets and their distribution is decisive. This also determines the low water consumption.

Numerous examples and great projects

We have been able to implement many projects over the last ten years. We are particularly proud of the Austria Pavilion and the Singapore Pavilion at the EXPO in Dubai, for which we designed and built the mist cooling system. We have also planned and executed numerous projects in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We provide a better climate and well-being.

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