Mist against dust

solves your dust problem

with little effort and low running costs

Mist against dust – combating dust with water droplets

Water binds dust in a very efficient and economical way

High pressure misting systems are ideal for binding dust on construction sites, in industry, production and recycling. The misting systems can be used to reduce overall dust exposure and additionally to improve workplace specific situations. For example, misting technology can be used to create dust barriers that protect your workers from excessive exposure.


Significant improvement for residents and employees

Dust nuisance from industrial and agricultural operations, like odour, can become a real problem in densely populated areas. Legislation requires the protection of employees and neighbouring residents and is based on technical possibilities. But efficient does not necessarily have to be expensive. This problem can be noticeably alleviated with relatively little effort. Lower odour pollution increases acceptance for your business, increases productivity and reduces indirect ancillary costs.


Indoor and outdoor applications

High-pressure misting systems for dust control can be used indoors and outdoors. We can refer to numerous projects of different sizes. The control of dust is highly efficient with water mist and has proved very successful. A particular advantage is also the very cost-effective operation due to the very low-priced binding agent water and the low energy input required for high-quality fogging systems.


Innovative solutions from Raintime

Our master craftsman’s business not only has many years of experience in the field of misting technology but is also distinguished by innovative developments. We are pioneers for this still young technology in Austria and have been awarded for several developments. The misting systems and irrigation technology from raintime are also causing a stir internationally with the projects at EXPO 2015 in Milan (Austria pavilion), EXPO 2020 ind Dubai (Austria pavilion and Singapore pavilion) and AIRSHIP.


Industrial applications for dust control

  • Demolition and dismantling
  • Gravel mining and quarrying
  • Construction Industry
  • Building material production
  • Material separation
  • Recycling plants
  • Wood processing
  • Paper production
  • road construction
  • and much more


Commercial applications for dust control

  • Joineries
  • Printing works
  • Bakeries
  • and much more

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