Good climate for your guests

Satisfied customers come back

Your guests use the guest garden all day long

Mist cooling in the guest garden


Pleasant climate for your guests

Mist cooling turns your guest garden into a refreshing oasis on hot days. Your guests can use the guest garden all day long, even when temperatures are high. They will feel more comfortable and will be happy to come back. Professional fog cooling achieves a noticeable cooling of the air up to 10°C.


Satisfied customers come back

When your customers feel good, they come back. Especially for your regular guests, older visitors but also for children, a mist cooling system is a noticeable relief and thus a point of attraction on hot days.


What makes a good mist cooling system?

With a high-quality mist cooling system, your guests won’t get wet. The air is cooled without a disruptive spray annoying your guests. The secret lies in the drops size and the high pressure required for this. The use of high-quality components such as spray nozzles and pump system ensure a long service life and low water and energy consumption.


Noticeable relief – protect your health

Especially for elderly people and small children, great heat is a burden. Mist cooling is a very healthy way of cooling in contrast to conventional air conditioning systems, because only water is used and the humidity is regulated in addition to cooling. This creates a natural and healthy microclimate that is kind to your health. As little as 5 °C is perceived as significant cooling. Up to 10 °C of perceived cooling is possible with this technology!


Mist cooling for guest gardens is in vogue

Cooling guest gardens with mist cooling is already established and there are many suppliers. For a guest business, low total costs over the entire service life but also fail-safety and reliability are very important. Raintime focuses on high quality and durability and can also offer you technical service and support for ongoing operation. As a master craftsman and developer of high-quality mist cooling systems, we ensure that they work well and that little energy and water is required for operation.

High-quality components

We only use high-quality components in our systems. Although this also has an impact on the price, it pays off in terms of efficiency, running costs and the durability of the systems.

Sophisticated technology makes efficient small systems possible

Our many years of experience, innovative developments and the implementation of many demanding projects have enabled us to refine the technology and to design very efficient misting systems even for small projects for small guest gardens.


Climate zone controls are available for particularly demanding customers

For demanding customers, we can offer even more when it comes to patio cooling. We have developed an innovative modular control unit for high-pressure misting systems, which enables simultaneous temperature control and air humidification of different climate and air zones. Visualisation of the high-pressure misting system in operating mode is now possible at any time and from anywhere via an existing Internet access thanks to the new system. However, this technology only makes sense for somewhat larger systems, as the zones must have a minimum size so that they are stable and the difference can be perceived by people.

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