Mist to control temperature and humidity for wine cellars

Mist system wine cellar
Regulation of temperature and humidity

Controlled conditions improve the result

High-pressure misting systems are also suitable for indoor spaces to regulate humidity and temperature. Both factors are of great importance when maturing and storing wine. Continuous conditions reduce the risk of spoilage and make planned maturing possible. Conditions of a wine cellar and other concrete environmental conditions can be simulated.

The control of humidity and temperature facilitates the targeted control of fermentation and maturation as well as storage and makes higher quality wine possible. The shelf life of wine is also significantly increased by the constant and optimised conditions and the evaporation of the wine is significantly reduced.


Low running costs

Modern misting systems are very efficient and use the properties of water, which is usually available in our latitudes in high quality and at a low price. The power consumption of the high-pressure pumps is only a fraction compared to a conventional air conditioner. Water consumption is also low, as the water is very finely atomised and only exactly as much water is used as is necessary. The properties of water (in this case the high heat capacity) mean that only a small amount of water needs to be used.


Technology makes any scale possible

Modern misting systems can cover almost any scale of application due to the technical possibilities.  The projects range from small private wine cellars to wine warehouses, wine resources of hotels to large production facilities. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of these systems and plan a misting system with you that precisely reflects your requirements in terms of size, capacity and control.


Indoor and outdoor applications

High-pressure misting systems can be used indoors and outdoors. The decisive factors are good control, the right configuration and the quality of the components. We can refer to numerous projects of different sizes. Regulation is highly efficient with water mist and has proved very successful. A particular advantage is also the very cost-effective operation due to the very low-priced binding agent water and the low energy input required for high-quality mist systems.



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