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Water features

Green space design in inner-city parks has long since encompassed more than just garden design, but also the implementation of additional elements, e.g. B. cooling and refreshing areas, so-called climate oases.

Together with our partner companies, we can offer high-quality products for this area and are also happy to develop special solutions with architects. Take advantage of our many years of experience – the results will convince you! Some Viennese parks and “green streets” have been equipped with innovations by us and more and more are…


Water features – water fountains

Water features originated in Italy in the Renaissance period and are systems with variable fountains, water fountains, artificial cascades, gargoyles, various water machines and the like. Today, in open space design, it is usually understood to mean water fountains that spring out of the ground and can be controlled using specially designed choreography. The water feature can be “triggered” by time control, motion sensor or temperature control.



Our (newly!) developed floor nozzles made of stainless steel and manufactured in Austria, which can be quickly and easily installed directly into the floor covering, paving or even into Rigol cover panels, are characterized by robustness, elegance and flexibility. By installing it using a rubber seal similar to RDS (tight pipe duct elements), the “AquaSaal” nozzle can also be easily maintained and quickly replaced if damaged.

The “AquaSaal” is available in different versions:


Mist nozzles with tap water pressure

These mist nozzles are not operated at high pressure (40-80bar), but at a pressure between 5 and 8bar (=normal tap water pressure). Complete evaporation is not always desired; instead, “precipitation” is deliberately caused. These applications are used in many water parks, outdoor pools and leisure facilities. These systems can also be controlled with motion sensors or temperature sensors.


Drinking fountain

A logical addition to parks and public spaces.

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Mist systems

Water used innovatively: air humidification, air cooling, dust and odor control using mist technology. This technology is clean and extremely energy-saving and even allows air cooling outdoors!

Irrigation systems

Plants need water… Modern irrigation systems offer you numerous advantages: time savings, lower water consumption, flexibility, increased value and, above all, a beautiful garden and healthy plants.

Water features

Modern and innovative products: water features, mist effects with tap water pressure, drinking fountains and much more – as well as overall concepts for open space and green space planners.

Technology & more

Diverse control technology for irrigation systems! Finest atomization in mist systems using the most modern pump technology and mist nozzles! Innovative product development and professional project management!

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