TIPS for your garden in February

Your garden in February – Spring is the ideal time to start gardening. Plan now properly! For example with an automatic irrigation system. This guarantees in the really hot months, an optimal supply of plants as well as an increase in free time.

Indoor & Health: WORKPLACE
Determining factor: air humidification

We spend many hours a day at work and most of them in offices or in closed rooms. This alone indicates the importance of the right indoor climate and the associated optimal humidity. Dry air is a major trigger for many symptoms. Underestimated: indoor air factors Air...

Systems for binding dust
Efficient solutions for indoor and outdoor

Dust binding systems – fog against dust. Fog systems are ideal for effective dust control. Their field of application is diverse and ranges from industry to commercial enterprises to private individuals. The operation of high pressure fog systems is sustainable, efficient and cost effective.

Christmas & New Year

The team of Raintime wishes Merry Christmas. We are happy to inform you about the optimum humidity and air pollution reduction for your premises.

Fog technology

Water innovatively used: humidification, air cooling, dust and odor control with fog technology. Current Technolgy is clean and extremely energy saving and even allows air cooling outdoors!


Modern irrigation systems offer numerous advantages: time savings, lower water consumption, flexibility, value and above all, a beautiful garden and healthy plants.

Technology & more

What is already familiar in the homes, is also possible in the garden. Little hard-working assistants and simple controls will help you save time and money.


Garden Lighting enhance your garden into an experience for the whole day. New technologies create new possibilities of design and a completely new garden experience.

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