We are delighted to present Raintime’s latest construction site in 2024: an innovative water feature installation at Nibelungenplatz in Tulln. This project marks a significant milestone in our quest to enrich public spaces with artistic and environmentally friendly water features.


Water feature installation at Nibelungenplatz in Tulln

At the heart of this project is the use of ground fog technology, consisting of 10 large AquaSaal110 units, each with three fog nozzles, and 20 smaller AquaSaal50 units, each with one fog nozzle. In total, these 30 units bring an impressive 50 mist nozzles into play, which are arranged in a circle with a diameter of 5 meters. This arrangement is not only a technical feat, but also a visual spectacle that puts Nibelungenplatz in a new light.


The installation is divided into three sections that work according to a specially designed choreography that changes depending on the temperature. This dynamic adaptation to the weather creates an ever-changing and fascinating experience for visitors to the square. It is an example of how modern technology and creative design can go hand in hand to enliven urban spaces.

The project is scheduled for completion in June 2024 and we are confident that it will become a new landmark for Tulln and an attraction for locals and visitors alike. Stay tuned for further updates.


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