In the era of climate change, cities globally are searching for sustainable solutions to combat urban heat. High-pressure mist systems offer an innovative and environmentally friendly method for temperature regulation in urban areas. Raintime is a leader in the development and implementation of these technologies, which are not only effective but also energy-efficient.


Cooling Cities with High-Pressure Mist Systems

Benefits of High-Pressure Mist Systems

High-pressure mist systems utilize finely atomized water, pushed through specialized nozzles, to create a cooling mist. These microdroplets evaporate immediately upon contact with the air, drawing heat from the surroundings and resulting in instant cooling.

The advantage of this technique lies in its efficiency: Compared to traditional air conditioning, these systems consume significantly less energy and substantially reduce CO2 emissions. Moreover, they are capable of lowering the temperature by up to 10 degrees Celsius in their immediate vicinity, making them particularly attractive during heatwaves.


Why High-Pressure Mist Systems?

The use of high-pressure mist systems in cities offers several advantages. In addition to immediate cooling, this technology also improves air quality by trapping dust and pollen. These systems are versatile and can be installed in various urban settings such as parks, public squares, and along streets.

Thus, they provide an ecological solution to heat reduction without altering the landscape or requiring substantial construction efforts. Moreover, the discreet integration of the technology ensures that it is barely visible and does not disrupt the cityscape.


Customized Offers from Raintime

At Raintime, we understand that each city has its own unique challenges and needs. Therefore, we offer customized solutions specifically tailored to the individual requirements and geographical conditions.

Our team of experts works closely with urban planners and environmental experts to ensure the most efficient and effective implementation. We provide individual consultations and planning that guarantee each project is optimally adjusted to the specific climatic and infrastructural conditions of each city.

Raintime has specialized in cooling fog technology for over 20 years and offers promising solutions for efficient and sustainable cooling in urban environments.


Some of our reference projects include:

500 square meter water feature at Praterstern in Vienna

500 square meter water feature at Praterstern in Vienna


Raintime high pressure fog technology Air steles Calafatti Square, Vienna

High pressure fog technology – air steles Calafatti Square, Vienna


Raintime fog technology at Expo 2020 Dubai
Installation Reversío auf der EDIT 2017 / Toronto

Fog system for AIRSHIP. mobile cultural forest
22 cool streets in Vienna
Raintime fog technology cools Vienna’s smallest “cool” road construction site
Augustinerkeller Bietzinger / Albertina Vienna


We would be pleased to inform you about our innovative systems and advise you on individual solutions.

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