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ISO12100 certified mist systems from raintime

The high-pressure misting system is used to produce very fine water mist from treated drinking water. This mist is used to cool rooms or outdoor areas, to combat odours and dust, to create a certain humidity, e.g. in greenhouses and conservatories, etc.


This certified high pressure misting system consists of:

  • an electric motor controlled by a frequency converter speed
  • a pump (piston pump that can generate approx. 1450psi) with a mechanical safety relief valve
  • a control cabinet with a display
  • as well as a corresponding number of nozzles and the corresponding supply lines

The machine produces the finest mist from treated drinking water, which is atomised through fine nozzles (the smallest diameter is 60 micrometers) by means of high pressure up to 1450psi. The high-pressure pumps can be controlled in terms of speed, and thus in terms of pressure and flow rate. This technique greatly reduces water consumption and largely avoids a feeling of dampness. At 1015psi, this creates water particles the size of 5 micrometers, which causes evaporation, which lowers the ambient temperature (heat of evaporation).


Regarding water quality, the following should be noted:

  • Drinking water quality water is needed
  • it must be further filtered (filter 1 – 5 micrometers)
  • it must have between 4 – 6 degrees of German hardness
  • it’s supposed to be about 16 °C.

The unit may only be operated with the specified water quality. In rooms, special care must be taken not to work with too much moisture, which could cause damage to fixtures.

Intended use also includes compliance with the operating, maintenance and servicing conditions prescribed by the manufacturer. The unit may only be used, maintained, and repaired by persons who are familiar with it and have been informed about the dangers. The safety instructions must also be passed on to other users. The relevant accident prevention regulations and other generally recognized safety, occupational health and road traffic regulations must be observed. Unauthorized modifications to the device exclude the manufacturer’s liability for any resulting damage.


Safety concept

The electric motor is speed-controlled by means of a frequency converter, which allows the water pressure and the water quantity to be regulated. The control of the system is simple and clearly arranged. An EMERGENCY STOP device is not provided, since the risk cannot be reduced by the EMERGENCY STOP command device and the EMERGENCY STOP command device would not shorten the time of shutdown.

The system must be vented before commissioning, and there is also a pressure sensor that switches off the motor in the event of insufficient pressure (dry running) and if the line pressure is too high (over 1450psi). The control system is designed in such a way that the machine switches to a safe state (stops) in case of problems. A noise measurement has shown that the machines produce approx. 60 dB(A). There is a display on the control cabinet that shows the essential data and, if necessary, warnings.

The system may only be operated by trained personnel, i.e. personnel who have read the operating instructions.


The comformity assessments were carried out in the following areas of responsibility:

Procedure and documentation: Ing. Seyfried, Ing. Zoder

Production responsibility: Mr. Alfred Janousek

Technical responsibility: Mr. Alfred Janousek

Electrical engineering: Kaiser

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