„GreenDIVAN in VIENNA“ (offices of adasca and Hohensinn Architektur, Graz) © PID/Gökmen

“Green is more than green” is the motto of the project GreenDIVAN in VIENNA, which came first out of 55 projects submitted to the urban greening competition. The competition was looking for new design concepts and ideas that creatively complement the spectrum of greening elements in public spaces and make a decisive contribution to the fight against increasing overheating in the city. This is because it is sometimes difficult to plant trees, especially in urban areas, due to fixtures underneath streets and squares (for water, electricity and district heating).

“Vienna is one of the European capitals that will be most affected by heat waves. We must therefore not only do everything we can to stop the climate crisis, but also cool down our city with more greenery and more cooling measures. In doing so, we are also looking beyond our own nose and inviting international submissions of concepts for a green megacity,” says Climate City Councilor Jürgen Czernohorszky.


Raintime & GreenDIVAN in VIENNA

We are pleased to be on board with this great project and to be able to contribute to a pleasant urban climate with our climate-friendly and innovative technologies.


GreenDIVAN in Vienna

With GreenDIVAN (offices adasca and Hohensinn Architektur, Graz) a round seating island with an umbrella-shaped, green net construction was designed to make the space climate-friendly even where no trees can be planted. A concrete seating ring with a wooden overlay encloses a planting bed. A slender metal structure, 3 to 4 meters high, supports a spiral rope net covered with a variety of climbing plants. In addition, the seating island also contains photovoltaic modules for e-charging stations and a water tank to supply water to the plants.

GreenDIVAN: This small green oasis in the urban space can be set up individually, in groups and in different sizes and, in addition to the attractive design, offers a pleasant and refreshingly cool meeting point and place to stay.

„GreenDIVAN in VIENNA“ (offices of adasca and Hohensinn Architektur, Graz) © PID/Gökmen


Raintime mist cooling
for modern & trend-setting cooling measures

Our high-pressure mist spray systems work with the basic principle of evaporative cooling. Water is finely atomized by high pressure in combination with special high-pressure nozzles so that, on the one hand, no wetness is felt and, on the other hand, an optimum cooling effect occurs. A drop of water four millimeters in diameter is atomized into 12,000,000 mist droplets. The ambient temperature can be cooled by up to 6 degrees. This makes even hot days bearable with very low energy and water consumption.

Our many years of experience, our know-how and our dialog with experts around the globe characterize our development of solutions and new innovative products. In this context, our cooling elements in particular are a successful measure to combat urban heat islands.

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