The picturesque mountains of Saalbach/Hinterglemm, well-known for their impressive ski resorts, are soon to be enriched by yet another attraction. In preparation for the Alpine Ski World Cup 2025, the town center of Hinterglemm is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Thoughtful planning and innovative ideas play a crucial role in this process, executed in close collaboration with Atelier3 and the local community. A particular highlight is the Raintime water feature, currently being implemented on-site by David and Roman.


Town Center Redevelopment: A Glimpse into the Future

The village street and a section of Haidweg are undergoing a comprehensive transformation in multiple stages. High-quality coverings not only create an aesthetic appearance but also form a durable foundation for the new town center. Additional planting and timeless outdoor furnishings promise to make Hinterglemm an even more attractive destination.


Raintime Water Feature: Innovation in the Heart of the Alps

In tandem with the urban changes, an exciting water feature project is taking shape in Hinterglemm. The Raintime team is deploying five AquaSaal ground nozzles to transform the center into a refreshing oasis. Three nozzles create a high wet mist, while two boast impressive water jet nozzles.

Sustainability through Intelligent Technology
To ensure optimal water efficiency, Raintime employs a control system with temperature and motion sensors. This intelligent technology adjusts water consumption based on environmental conditions, ensuring sustainable use. This innovative approach underscores the project’s commitment to environmental conservation and efficiency.


Anticipating Future Updates

Stay tuned for additional information and photos that will soon be presented by us, providing you with insights into the project’s progress. To view the photo series, click here: Photo Series: New Project – Raintime Water Feature Hinterglemm

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