Spring is approaching and with it come the warm and soon to be hot days that call for a pleasant way to cool off outdoors. For garden restaurants in particular, it is important to prepare for the warm season now so that they can offer their guests a refreshing ambience. An effective solution for keeping the outdoor dining area attractive even on warm and hot days is to cool the outdoor dining area with mist systems. These innovative high-pressure mist systems turn any guest garden into a refreshing urban oasis, save water and energy and are also easy to cope with large heat waves.


Why guest garden cooling is important

  • Pleasant ambience: With a guest garden cooler, you can create a feel-good atmosphere that your guests can enjoy even when temperatures are high.
  • Customer loyalty: A cool garden area attracts guests and ensures satisfied customers who are happy to return.
  • Competitive advantage: Visitors feel comfortable in a well-cooled garden restaurant and prefer your restaurant to the competition.


Raintime, with many years of experience and numerous successfully implemented projects, is the ideal partner for planning and implementing your guest garden cooling system.

Raintime experience and expertise

  • With years of experience in providing innovative solutions for air humidification, air cooling and odor control using fog technology, we have the expertise to successfully implement even complex projects.
  • By working with a large number of customers from various industries, we have developed an in-depth understanding of their individual requirements and needs.


Raintime fog cooling for guest gardens

Our professional misting systems achieve a noticeable cooling of the air by up to 10°C. This means that guests can use your guest garden all day long, even in high temperatures, and will feel more comfortable and want to come back.

Our “Dry Mist” processes work on the basic principle of evaporative cooling. Water is finely atomized by high pressure in combination with special high-pressure nozzles, so that on the one hand no wetness is felt and on the other hand an optimal cooling effect occurs.

As a master company and developer, we focus on high quality, durability and also offer technical service and support for ongoing operation. Our many years of experience, innovative developments and the implementation of many demanding projects have enabled us to refine the technology and to design very efficient fog systems for small projects for small guest gardens and to enable their use in this area.

Plan your guest garden cooling now
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Raintime Fog Cooling Guest Gardens

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