In the face of global warming, cities worldwide are challenged to find effective solutions against rising temperatures and to promote a more comfortable urban climate. Here, Raintime’s innovative fog cooling technology plays a pivotal role. It offers a flexible and efficient method for temperature regulation in urban zones such as public squares, parks, shopping centers, and pedestrian areas.

Raintime’s fog cooling not only generates a soothing coolness but also significantly contributes to creating a refreshing atmosphere that significantly improves the quality of life in densely built-up urban areas. By foregoing the use of refrigerants, this technology enables environmentally friendly cooling that minimizes energy consumption, thereby reducing the ecological footprint.


The Challenge of Urban Heat Islands

Urban heat islands, caused by the high density of buildings and asphalt surfaces, not only lead to a deterioration of the urban microclimate but also increase the need for air conditioning, which in turn contributes to higher CO2 emissions. Raintime addresses this issue with tailor-made fog cooling systems that create pleasant microclimates through the fine misting of water, without harming the environment or straining valuable resources.


The Solution: Raintime Fog Cooling

Raintime’s fog technology exemplifies the innovative response to the pressing issues of urban overheating and climate protection. With its efficient, environmentally friendly, and flexible applicability, it enables a significant improvement of the urban living space.


Benefits of Fog Cooling

  • Energy Efficiency: Compared to traditional air conditioning systems, fog cooling consumes significantly less energy.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Using water as a coolant reduces the carbon footprint and promotes a sustainable environmental strategy.
  • Adaptability: The systems can be flexibly used in various urban contexts, from public squares to specific heat spots in the city.


Raintime has specialized in cooling fog technology for over 20 years and offers promising solutions for efficient and sustainable cooling in urban environments.


Some of our reference projects include:

500 square meter water feature at Praterstern in Vienna

500 square meter water feature at Praterstern in Vienna


Raintime high pressure fog technology Air steles Calafatti Square, Vienna

High pressure fog technology – air steles Calafatti Square, Vienna


Raintime fog technology at Expo 2020 Dubai
Installation Reversío auf der EDIT 2017 / Toronto

Fog system for AIRSHIP. mobile cultural forest
22 cool streets in Vienna
Raintime fog technology cools Vienna’s smallest “cool” road construction site
Augustinerkeller Bietzinger / Albertina Vienna


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