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A unique pilot project in the fight against urban heat islands is currently being developed in the “Esterhazypark” in Vienna. Despite additional conditions imposed by Corona, construction work in the 6th district Mariahilf is progressing quickly. The first “Cooling Park” in Vienna is being built on a 10,600 square meter space at the Haus des Meeres.

COOLSPOT with Raintime fog showers

In the center of the park is a 30 m² “Coolspot” – a circular, planted and shaded place to stay made of three rings with mist nozzles. The cool spot is almost 3.40 meters high and will cool the ambient temperature by up to 6 degrees. As soon as the temperature exceeds 30 ° Celsius, an attempt is made to cool the temperature down using canopies, the new water that has a cooling effect and primarily by means of fog showers.


Our mist showers will cool the surroundings with a fine spray. We will install a total of almost 40 high pressure nozzles as follows:

  • A water feature / fog game consisting of 11 floor nozzles consisting of water jet nozzles and low pressure mist nozzles
  • Two floor cooling systems made of high-pressure mist nozzles and mist showers with a diameter of 2.20 meters and a climate tree made of mist nozzles

We started our work in May 2020 and will have completed it by mid-August.

Outdoor cooling with fog

The cooling of mist showers takes place through the so-called evaporative cooling. This arises from the fact that water is pressed through fine nozzles at high pressure and these very fine water drops evaporate in the heat. The ambient temperature drops and the cool effect occurs.

Raintime mist showers

We are an Austrian master company and specialize in fog technology and fog cooling. We have been able to implement many well-known projects in the past decades. Some of these reference projects are

Air steles Calafatti Square, Vienna
Cooling with fog film festival 2019 – Rathausplatz Vienna
Augustinerkeller Bietzinger / Albertina Vienna
Film festival 2019 – Rathausplatz Vienna
Fog system for AIRSHIP. mobile cultural forest

We offer our customers tailor-made solutions including planning and implementation, as well as the possibility of an online shop FOGCenter, which is characterized not only by individual products but also by its perfectly coordinated complete sets.


We are happy to inform and advise you on the many possible uses of fog systems.
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