Photo © ORF – Picture Cut Documentary & Reportage | Theme Monday: Heat in the City – What Really Helps?

The current edition of the ORF Doku & Reportage Themenmontag focuses on the explosive topic of heat in the city. The program “Heat in the city – What really helps?” highlights various approaches and solutions to counteract the increasing heat stress in urban areas. Many measures are presented – also on show are our innovative & resource-saving fog stelae.

Adiabatic cooling with vandal-proof fog steles from Raintime in the inner-city area (from minute 28:45)


Raintime Fog Cooling: Efficient & Sustainable Solution to Combat Heat in Cities

Heat stress in urban areas is a growing problem that affects both the well-being and health of residents. With summer temperatures on the rise, cities and municipalities are looking for effective solutions to counteract heat stress.

Raintime specializes in cooling misting technology and offers promising solutions for efficient and sustainable cooling in urban environments.

Increasing building development and the lack of green spaces in cities lead to increased heat build-up, especially during the summer months. Raintime’s cooling misting solutions offer an innovative way to make the urban climate more comfortable. By using adiabatic cooling, the ambient temperature is effectively lowered without the need for cooling units or refrigerants.

The principle of adiabatic cooling is based on the evaporation of water, which extracts energy in the form of heat from the environment. Raintime’s cooling fog technology solutions use this natural evaporation to create a pleasant coolness.

Raintime fog cooling can be used flexibly in a variety of inner-city areas, including public squares, parks, shopping centers and pedestrian zones. They not only create a pleasant cooling effect, but also help to create a refreshing atmosphere. Energy-efficient cooling without the use of refrigerants reduces the environmental footprint and supports sustainability and environmental protection efforts.

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