Green facades are proving to be a valuable asset to urban life. These green walls play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life in major cities by counteracting both the effects of climate change and the negative consequences of increasing densification. But how do plants manage to grow and thrive on vertical surfaces? With innovative irrigation technology from Raintime.

Raintime designs an optimal, resource-saving and demand-oriented irrigation system for facade greening.


Facade greening

Green facades have the ability to positively influence the microclimate in urban areas. They create pleasant shade, prevent building facades from heating up excessively and make a valuable contribution to the local “natural air conditioning system”.

Furthermore, these green facades fulfill an important role as “natural air purifiers”. Their dense foliage traps harmful air pollutants and dust particles, helping to improve air quality. At the same time, they produce oxygen and sequester carbon dioxide, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The benefits of green facades extend through the seasons.

While permanently green climbing plants have an insulating effect in winter and can save heating costs, in summer they protect the facade from excessive heat buildup and thus contribute to energy efficiency.

In addition to the ecological benefits, green facades also have a positive impact on the quality of life of city dwellers. They act as sound absorbers by absorbing sound waves, thus promoting noise control. In addition, they provide habitats for various animal species, which helps to promote biodiversity in urban areas.

Last but not least, the aesthetic dimension of façade greening is important. It gives buildings an attractive and appealing appearance, which significantly enhances the overall building fabric and increases the attractiveness of the urban landscape. Overall, green facades help to enliven public spaces and improve the quality of life and stay in urban neighborhoods in the long term.

In order for the plants of a green facade to thrive optimally, proper and optimal watering is crucial.


Optimal irrigation for green facades

With Raintime irrigation technology

At Raintime, we understand that every green facade is unique. That’s why we offer custom irrigation solutions tailored to your exact needs. Our technical expertise ensures the healthy growth of your green facade and helps make our urban landscape more sustainable and livable.

Raintime – your partner for innovative, sustainable and professional irrigation solutions.

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