Midsummer has picked up speed and there are again many consecutive days beyond 30° Celsius and tropical nights with temperatures above 20° included. Such heat waves have a particularly strong impact in the city, because the urban climate is significantly warmer and drier than the surrounding climate. The temperature difference can even be as much as ten degrees Celsius.


Urban heat islands

Cities are among the critical areas. In them, the effects of climate change are particularly noticeable. Various causes of urban warming are discussed.

Large cities, for example, are characterized by a high degree of land sealing. This makes them particularly vulnerable to weather events such as long periods of heat and drought. This is because they heat up very strongly and release this heat only slowly. Climate change is also exacerbating the situation by increasing the severity and frequency of hot spells. The prevailing heat during the day and the lack of cooling at night on hot summer days have a negative impact on the health and quality of life of city dwellers.


Improve urban climate
with evaporative cooling & Raintime Cooling elements

Cooling elements such as fog showers, fog steles, and green and water areas can positively influence the climate in the city. This is because the transition from liquid water to water vapor consumes heat energy and provides evaporative cooling.

Our “Dry Mist” processes work with this principle of evaporative cooling. Water is finely atomized by high pressure in combination with special high pressure nozzles, because the finer the mist, the stronger the cooling effect. The microscopic droplets coming out of the fog nozzles extract heat from the surrounding air, and evaporative cooling is produced.

Raintime high-pressure spray misting systems are environmentally friendly and conserve resources. They save electricity and use very little water.


Raintime mist cooling
for modern & trend-setting cooling measures

For years, it has been Raintime Cooling elements such as fog showers & fog steles that bring pleasant cooling to cities worldwide and currently again in Vienna. Our many years of experience, our know-how and our dialog with experts around the globe flow into our development of new solutions and new innovative products and are the basis for our great successes.

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