Many gardeners can’t wait to roll up their sleeves and get started. The garden is finally waking up from its hibernation, spring in all its brilliant colors is here!

Garden tips: Ornamental garden in March

Spring cleaning in the shrub bed

New shoots will soon sprout, which is why everything that can be seen on dead plant parts is cut close to the ground. Old plant remains and dry leaves should also be removed. If you wait too long, you risk that newly sprouted leaves will start to rot.

Loosen the soil between the perennials and let fresh air in your bed. Think of the bulbs that have been set and work carefully with a small rake or your hand. Provide the soil with nutrients in the form of a mineral or organic slow-release fertilizer and top it off with a 2 to 3 centimeters thick layer of ripe compost on & your perennial bed is ready for spring.

Bulb flowers

If your bulb flowers have bloomed less and less in recent years or if they are only sparsely growing, they urgently need nutrients. Scatter long-term mineral fertilizer or organic complete fertilizer around your plants and lightly rake the fertilizer into the soil.

The optimal time to fertilize your bulb flowers such as tulips, daffodils or hyacinths is now in March, as soon as they push their first leaves out of the ground .

Divide the perennials

March is the ideal month to rejuvenate the shrubs in your garden. To do this, take the plant with a digging fork carefully from the ground and split then the eyrie with a knife into roughly fist-sized pieces. The vital, outer parts are reused, the rest can go to the compost. You can then place the new seedlings the same height as before in a new place in well-loosened and compost-enriched soil. Finally, press the soil firmly and pour everything vigorously.

More tips for the garden in March

Sow summer flowers (pre-cultivation in seed trays)
Sow robust annuals outdoors
Cut roses
Plant shrubs, hedges and climbing trees
Maintain the lawn [lawn care in spring]
Watch out for the late frost
Water enough


All plants – and especially seedlings – have to be cared for and watered sufficiently and regularly .

Now is the ideal time to plan the installation of an automatic irrigation system for your garden, terrace, raised bed, … . Because optimal garden irrigation not only allows you more free time, it also saves water costs and increases the growth and yield of your plants.


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