Lawn, flowers and plants in the garden need water not only when the temperature is high in summer. From spring onwards, trees, lawns and all plants need sufficient water to develop and strengthen their roots. The golden rule for spring is: It is better to water less often, but water sufficiently and thoroughly.

Spring is also the best time to plan your garden watering for the coming summer. Anyone who does not want to wander through the garden for hours with heavy watering cans or the hose cart this summer, but would rather water their garden with a single push of a button, should plan their automatic garden irrigation now.

Plan a smart garden irrigation


All garden areas rarely require the same amount of water, and the nature of the soil also plays an important role in planning. Therefore, ideally plan your automatic irrigation system with one of our experts [contact us]. Routes and sprinklers are ideally positioned and visualized on a detailed plan.


In the vast majority of cases – areas of average size – the irrigation system can be connected to a normal water tap on the house or in the garden. In the case of large gardens, connection to the house water pipe is usually recommended. The available water pressure, which can be determined using a flow meter, is important for planning.

Control & sensors

The irrigation system can be controlled fully automatically via the irrigation computer. Individual zones or stations can be programmed and selected separately from one another. Automatic irrigation systems are usually equipped with a sensor that measures the air humidity and the soil moisture. These sensors are directly connected to the irrigation computer and send it the measurement data. This has the advantage that the irrigation system is switched off when there is sufficient rainfall.


We would be happy to create an optimal, individual concept for irrigation for your garden. Our specialist advisor comes to you and measures the relevant areas – lawns, beds, trees, bushes, hedges, … – as well as the required flow pressure, coordinates all details with you and within a few days you will receive your individual offer based on this data.


We are specialized in automatic irrigation systems for your garden and offer you all services – from advice and planning to installation. You also have the option of purchasing your system easily and conveniently in our online shop.

Online shop irrigation systems

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Information about automatic irrigation systems

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