Especially after winter, lawns need intensive care and preparation for the new garden year. The snow masses put a lot of strain on the lawn and stole air and light from the grass for weeks and months. As soon as the frost has subsided and the first growth spurt begins, you should make your lawn fit again with raking, fertilizing, scarifying and sowing new lawn seeds.

Lawn care in spring

Mow the lawn

Anything that has accumulated from autumn and winter, such as fallen leaves or broken branches, should be removed from the lawn. If the stalks that emerge are 7 cm and longer, the lawn can be mowed for the first time to a length of around 5 – 6 cm at the beginning of the growing season.

TIP! Be careful not to cut the grass too short, as this could damage the roots. In addition, if the lawn is cut too short, it burns when exposed to high levels of sunlight, which can lead to brown spots and weed colonization.

If the blades of grass are very high, you should remove the green cuttings right at the beginning so that the grass underneath receives sufficient light.

Scarify the lawn

You can loosen and ventilate the soil with a scarifier or a scarifier rake. This supports the growth of the grass, enables the roots to better absorb water and nutrients and can also remove the weeds and moss.

Sow the lawn

Sowing new lawn seeds is part of every lawn care in spring. Most of the time, the amount of snow, scarifying and removing weeds resulted in bare patches. You should re-sow sufficiently in these less dense areas of lawn.

TIP! Make sure that you do not re-enter the freshly sown areas until the grass has already protruded a few centimeters from the ground.

Fertilize the lawn

Most plants – including grasses – have used up their nutrients after winter and urgently need new ones . A lawn fertilizer stimulates the growth of the lawn and grass roots.

TIP! Long-term nitrogen fertilizers are particularly suitable for starting growth.

Water the lawn

In the first 4 weeks after sowing the lawn seeds, the lawn must be irrigated. The lawn should be kept moist at all times to prevent the seedlings from drying out and to encourage root growth.

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