You can clearly feel that the cold days are becoming rarer and the sun is gaining more and more strength. You can really tackle things in the garden. The main focus is now on sowing and planting various types of vegetables in March. But also the ordering of the beds, the pulling out, the care and the pruning play an important role in the garden month of March.

Gardening tips: kitchen garden in March

Prefer tomatoes

From the beginning of March you can prefer tomato seeds to south-facing window sills . It is best to use seed trays or a flat container for the seeds. After about two months, you can then move the tomato plants to a sheltered place outside.

Sow cucumbers

Cucumbers can also be sown with mid-March on the windowsill or in the heated greenhouse. As with any sowing, it is important to keep the seeds evenly moist.

Sow cabbage

You can sow cabbage varieties such as cauliflower or kohlrabi in the cold frame at the beginning of March and after around 35 days the seedling can be planted in the outdoor bed.

Plant out the lettuce

From mid-March and warm weather, you can already put pre-grown lettuce plants outdoors . Be careful not to set the plants too deep, as this will make them more prone to rot.

Put the garlic

As early as the beginning of March you can stick garlic cloves into the prepared and fertile soil . For a successful development, please make sure that you insert each toe correctly.

Cut fruit trees

After the apple trees , pear and plum trees are also ready for pruning in March. Inward growing shoots as well as competing shoots are removed and diseased and dead shoots are cut back to healthy wood. You should not leave any branch stumps but cut directly on the astring with a sharp tool. The winter fruit tree pruning ends in March. The later the cut takes place, the weaker the fruit trees sprout again and the higher the fruit yield will be.


All plants – and especially seedlings – have to be cared for and watered sufficiently and regularly .

It would be a good idea to already think about installing an automatic irrigation system for your garden, terrace, raised bed, … . Because if you want to go on vacation in the long gardening season, this is the best way to make provisions.

Optimal garden irrigation not only gives you more free time, it also saves water costs and increases the growth and yield of your plants.


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