Cities heat up much more than their surrounding areas and the phenomenon of the urban heat island affects many metropolises, including Vienna. The difference in air temperature can reach up to twelve degrees. The increasing periods of heat due to climate change will therefore have a major impact on urban living space in the future.

In order for cities to be able to arm themselves against rising temperatures, they must reorient them: With concepts for more green spaces, more water points and new, sustainable and cost-efficient fog cooling systems.


Raintime solutions for the climate challenges of our time

For 20 years now, Raintime has specialised in implementing concepts and systems for sustainable and efficient cooling and achieving a pleasant feel-good climate: With innovative high-pressure misting systems and also with vertical greening in urban areas.


Efficient mist cooling

Technically, mist cooling involves forcing water at very high pressure through very fine nozzles. A drop of water with a diameter of four millimetres is atomised into 12,000,000 mist droplets. This makes it possible to make even hot days bearable with very low energy and water consumption.

In addition, fog also binds dust and odours in a very efficient and economical way and is used on construction sites, in industry, production and recycling.


Urban vertical greening

Raintime also implements vertical greening in urban areas, which binds carbon dioxide along the building façade, produces oxygen and also absorbs harmful substances in the air.



Raintime projects

GreenDIVAN in Vienna
Raintime fog technology at Expo 2020 Dubai
EXPO Mailand 2015
Installation Reversío auf der EDIT 2017 / Toronto

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