Heat waves are no longer a rarity in our latitudes, they are becoming more of a rule. With temperatures above 30 degrees, it usually gets hot and stuffy in the cities and many are looking for a shady and cool guest garden.


State of the art: mist cooling

For a pleasantly refreshing ambience in garden pubs, cooling systems by means of spray mist are predominantly used, because they are efficient and bring with them a multitude of advantages. The innovative high-pressure misting systems turn every guest garden into a refreshing urban oasis, are water- and energy-saving and even large heat waves can be easily managed with them.


Raintime Fog Cooling Guest Gardens

Our professional misting systems achieve a noticeable cooling of the air up to 10°C. This means that guests can use your guest garden all day long, even in high temperatures, and will feel more comfortable and happy to come back.

Our “Dry Mist” processes work with the basic principle of evaporative cooling. Water is finely atomised by high pressure in combination with special high pressure nozzles, so that on the one hand no wetness is felt and on the other hand an optimal cooling effect occurs.

As a master craftsman’s company and developer, we focus on high quality, durability and also offer technical service and support for ongoing operation. Our many years of experience, innovative developments and the implementation of many demanding projects have enabled us to refine the technology and also to design very efficient fogging systems for small projects for small guest gardens, and to enable their use in this area.

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Raintime Fog Cooling Guest Gardens

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