For 19 years, the motivated and productive team at Raintime has been providing cooler air and a more pleasant climate on hot days. On the one hand, with innovative cooling elements (high-pressure fogging systems) that bring a pleasant microclimate to the city. On the other, with green walls in urban areas or misting systems to combat dust, odors or for controlled conditions, for example in wine storage or in animal enclosures such as the orangutan climbing garden in the Schönbrunn Zoo.

We are currently installing one of the largest water features in Europe in Vienna, which will bring fresh cooling to all visitors. With us in the Raintime Montage Service Team is our new member: Our power woman “Nita”.


Cooling cities with Raintime fog technology

Our many years of experience, our know-how and our dialogue with experts around the globe characterize our development of solutions and new innovative products. Our cooling elements in particular are a successful measure to combat urban heat islands. They cool the ambient temperature by up to 6 degrees.


Raintime Mist Cooling
for modern & forward-looking cooling measures

Our high pressure spray fog systems work with the basic principle of evaporative cooling. Water is finely atomized by high pressure in combination with special high pressure nozzles, so that on the one hand no wetness is felt, but on the other hand an optimal cooling effect occurs. A drop of water four millimeters in diameter is atomized into 12,000,000 mist droplets. This makes even hot days bearable with very low energy and water consumption.

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