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Cities heat up much more than their surrounding areas. The phenomenon of the urban heat island affects many metropolises, including Vienna. The difference in air temperature can be as much as twelve degrees. This makes the city and its inhabitants particularly vulnerable to the effects of the climate crisis.


Making cities climate resilient with water & fog

Raintime fog technology

Urban heat islands are a typical feature of the urban climate and are caused by the interaction of various effects: Buildings, streets, the many sealed surfaces absorb solar radiation and heat up. They store the heat and release it at night. The small amount of vegetation can hardly reduce the heat. The heat island effect is intensified by global warming and the frequent hot spells.

In order to improve the urban climate as temperatures continue to rise due to climate change, coolspots with fog showers and climate trees have been found as solutions to overheating in Vienna.


Coolspot – Cooling Park Mariahilf in Vienna

With Raintime mist showers & spray mist

The Coolspot, realised in the course of the redesign of Esterházy Park, has a circular lounge of 30 square metres surrounded by climbing plants and misting nozzles in a ring-shaped arrangement. The Coolspot is just under 3.40 metres high and will cool the ambient temperature by up to 6 degrees. Through sensors and intelligent control technology, the nozzles only spray water mist when visitors are present at high outdoor temperatures. This ensures that the resource water is conserved.

Raintime mist showers cool the environment in the Mariahilf cooling park with a fine spray. A total of almost 40 high-pressure nozzles were installed as follows:

  • A water feature/mist feature consisting of 11 pieces of floor jets consisting of water jet nozzles and low-pressure mist nozzles.
  • Two floor cooling systems consisting of high-pressure mist nozzles and mist showers with a diameter of 2.20 metres and a climate tree consisting of mist nozzles


Raintime Nebeltechnik

We are an Austrian master company specialising in fog technology and fog cooling. Over the past decades, we have been able to implement many renowned projects. Some of these reference projects are

GreenDIVAN in Vienna
Raintime fog technology at Expo 2020 Dubai
EXPO Mailand 2015
Installation Reversío auf der EDIT 2017 / Toronto

We offer our customers tailor-made solutions including planning and implementation.

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