June is a busy time in the vegetable garden: sowing, planting, fertilizing and not to forget, all the preparatory work of the last few weeks now pays off, because: harvest time begins! So now it’s time to enjoy and also water, because the temperatures are climbing up.

Vegetable garden in June – Here’s how to do it!

With the beginning of the harvest, new gaps always appear in the salad bed. These can be easily filled by sowing summer lettuce, iceberg lettuce, Asian lettuce, romaine lettuce and lamb’s lettuce. Vegetables such as carrots, radishes, squash, zucchini and beets can be sown directly into the field now. With adequate warmth and watering, they will bear their first fruit in just a few weeks. Bush and pole beans, peas and sweet corn can also be sown now. In addition, June is also suitable for sowing winter lettuces such as radicchio, winter head lettuce or sugarloaf.

Cucumbers can now be planted outdoors as seedlings, as there is no longer a threat of damaging frost. Tomatoes should now be pricked out regularly, as pricking out increases fruit yield. To do this, simply break off the side shoots. In addition, tomatoes in the main growing season need a lot of fertilizer and especially a lot of water. Generally, all new plantlets should be fertilized about four weeks after planting.

Tip! Create a herb bed

If you haven’t had time to plant a herb bed yet, you can also start now in June and sow herbs such as basil, parsley, dill, chervil, coriander, chives, savory, lovage, thyme or marjoram. To ensure that Mediterranean herbs such as sage, lavender, rosemary or thyme grow densely, the shoot tips should be removed regularly. Pruning is also worthwhile for basil and cilantro.

Tip! Watering

In order for herbs and vegetables to thrive in the best possible way and produce a bountiful harvest, they need optimal watering. An automatic irrigation system offers you

  • reliable and needs-based care of your plants
  • takes care of them even during your vacation or absence
  • gives you free time instead of watering time
  • also saves water costs and
  • increases the growth and yield of your plants


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