A perfectly manicured lawn may look beautiful, but it is not of much use to wildlife. That’s because it provides little food or nesting opportunities for insects. “No Mow May” – not mowing for the entire month of May – encourages gardeners to leave their mowers in the shed and turn their lawns into oases of biodiversity.

The Lawn in May – “No Mow May”

Originally, No Mow May comes from the United Kingdom – a country known for its manicured lawn culture. For several years, garden owners there have left the lawn mower unused for an entire month: There is no mowing in May. The reason for this is that not mowing the lawn strengthens plant biodiversity and helps many insects to survive.

What makes less work for us, pleases the insects, because many plants can spread in the lawn, which have a high ecological value for insects:

  • Primroses
  • Daisies
  • Clover
  • Dandelion
  • Ground ivy
  • Speedwell

In Austria, the “No Mow May” movement has not yet arrived however the environmental organization Global 2000 has launched a thoroughly comparable project in May 2019: National Park Garden. The goal is to create more biodiversity and thus more habitat and food for insects: be it through as little mowing as possible, a “wild corner” in the garden or the renunciation of fertilizer and peat.

Watering the lawn

Whether lawn, flower meadow or bed – all plants and grasses in the garden need sufficient and regular watering. An automatic watering system offers you reliable and needs-based care for this purpose and not only allows you more leisure time, but also saves water costs and increases the growth and yield of your plants.


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