With a flower meadow you create a piece of colorful nature. Flower meadows enchant with their diversity and serve butterflies, bumblebees, bees and birds as an ideal habitat and are therefore also an absolutely important contribution to insect protection. A good time to plant a colorful natural oasis is between March and May. Ready-made flower meadow mix from the trade offer diverse mixtures of different flowers, herbs and grasses.

As with all other plants and herbs for the garden, the right location has great importance for good success. Optimal conditions for a gorgeous flower meadow are soils that receive direct sun and tend to be dry and low in nutrients.

Creating a flower meadow

1 – Prepare the soil

Before sowing, you should first loosen the soil. Remove grass, stones and branches, dig up the soil and loosen it. In compacted soil, you can improve permeability by adding sand to the top 5 – 15 cm of soil. This will prevent waterlogging and promote plant growth.

TIP! If you subsequently level the area evenly and consolidate it with a footboard or roller, it will be easier to mow the flower meadow evenly (never shorter than 10 – 15 cm).

2 – Sowing

Once the soil is well loosened mix the seed thoroughly and mix it with sand to stretch the amount. Stretching is especially necessary with fine-grained seed to avoid uneven distribution over the area when sowing by hand. After seeding is complete, rake the seed into the soil, no deeper than 5 mm. Then, using a roller or a footboard, compact the soil and create the necessary bond between the seed and the soil. After that, water the entire area well and always keep the seedbed moist, especially for the first 6 weeks until germination.

3 – Maintenance tip

Mow your flower meadow for the first time after about ten weeks. This will allow you to kill pesky weeds and this mowing will also make for a denser meadow. Depending on the weed growth, you can repeat this two or three times in the first year. The following year, you will most likely only mow in September.

4 – Watering

Even though a flower meadow does not require a lot of maintenance, it still needs sufficient and regular watering – just like all other plants and grasses in the garden. An automatic irrigation system offers you reliable and needs-based care here and not only allows you more free time, but also saves water costs and increases the growth and yield of your plants.


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