Now in May is finally the time when the balcony can be transformed into a fragrant sea of flowers. Whether standing, climbing, hanging, large or small – balcony flowers are available in every desired variety and color. We have summarized the important tips for ensuring that the potted garden blooms magnificently in the summer.

TIPS – Planting balcony flowers

The right time

Balcony flowers should only be planted after the Ice Saints, i.e. after May 15, because there is a high probability that there may still be night frosts by mid-May. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can still use pansies, horned violets or already pre-pulled spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths or primroses.

Tip! Clean balcony boxes and planters before planting to remove any harmful residue or disease germs from previous planting seasons.


To avoid waterlogging and resulting damage and disease, balcony boxes and planters should always be open at the bottom or have holes to allow excess water to drain away. A good drainage layer of expanded clay also aids good drainage. For small boxes, a one-inch layer of soil is sufficient.


Don’t skimp on soil, as cheap products are not particularly structurally stable and contain a lot of black peat. Environmentally conscious gardeners like to choose peat-free soil.

The right distance when planting

Even if balcony flowers are still very small at the beginning, they should not be planted too densely. For smaller plants, a hand-width spacing is recommended; for stronger-growing flowers, the spacing can be twice as much.


The be-all and end-all for thriving is adequate watering. The very popular perennials in particular require a lot of water, and depending on the orientation, you may need to water more on the south side than on the north side. An automatic watering system provides reliable, on-demand care here and not only gives you more free time, but also saves water costs and increases the growth and yield of your plants.


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