Cooling with fog film festival 2017 – Rathausplatz Vienna

Construction of two high-pressure mist systems
for the film festival from 27.06.2017 to 03.09.2017 – Rathausplatz Vienna


Tent roofing – middle area

Construction of a high-pressure mist system with 8 high-pressure fans model “World Exhibition”

Riva Aperol Bar

Construction of a high-pressure mist system for 3 chimneys / “APEROL 1919 steamship model”

Assembly time

The construction took two working days and the removal one working day.

This is how fog cooling works

In our plants fog is created by pressing water through high pressure nozzles at high pressure. At 70bar, water particles averaging 10 μm (1 μm = 0.001 mm) are formed. This leads to a sudden evaporation, which lowers the ambient temperature, since the water for the evaporation requires energy, known as “evaporation cold”.

1 drop of water with 4 mm diameter is atomized into 12,000,000 mist droplets.
The surface is thus increased from 34mm² to about 40,000 m², which is equivalent to the area of ​​8 football fields.

Numerous examples and great projects

Raintime’s systems for fog cooling make it possible to tolerate extremely hot days and to achieve perceptible cooling for outdoor areas such as terraces, public gardens and squares with very low energy and water consumption.

We have developed the basic technical idea and made it into a mature product that stands out from standard solutions in terms of durability, energy requirements and water requirements. The reference projects and the awards for innovation prove this. We are particularly proud of the Austria Pavilion at the EXPO 2015, for which we designed and implemented the fog cooling and irrigation.


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