Fog shower Vienna Augustinerkeller Bitzinger

In July 2019, we installed a high-pressure fog shower with fog stealers for the guest garden of the Augustinerkeller in front of the Albertina for cooling. The joy of the visitors was great and the cool garden invited in the summer heat for a pleasant stay.


The joy was not only great for the visitors. Viennese restaurateur Sepp Bitzinger has also had a cooling system installed at the adjoining Fiaker stand.


All project data including technical details can be found HERE.

Cooling in the summer

Due to climate change, cities are particularly affected by heat and record temperatures. Stone and concrete surfaces heat up and temperatures in the city center mix with particulate matter and ozone to create a stressful combination that severely affects health and performance.

Vienna is one of the five cities in Europe that is particularly affected by global warming. In addition to Zurich, Rome, Athens and Zagreb, it is the capital of Austria, which, according to climate researchers (trade magazine Urban Climate), occupies first place among the top 5 and is expected to heat up particularly strongly in the coming decades.

So it is not surprising that the heat waves of this year’s summer caused a particularly high use of air conditioning systems and the power consumption in Vienna already before the tropical nights to record heights climbed. Little electricity and water need comparatively fog showers. Where were built by the city of Vienna for “immediate” cooling such fog showers at various locations in the city. The Praterstern, Resselpark or Schwarzenbergplatz were among these cool city spots.

Raintime fog showers

In addition to the cooling effect (mist cooling, wine cellar), fogging technology is used in many applications – dust binding, odor binding – frequent use.

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