Especially with large crowds such as in public gardens, on terraces, in public spaces and events are increasingly systems with fog for cooling used.

This is also the case in the Vienna Prater, where nine Raintime high-pressure fog aerial steles were put into operation in front of the Blumenrad at Calafatti Square.

Hochdrucknebel Kunsttechnik_Raintime_Calafatti_Platz_Wien_03

Cooling with fog

Raintime high pressure fog aerial steles – Calafatti square Vienna

The high-pressure fog cooling system and the implementation of the project were carried out by the company Raintime, responsible for the planning, the Weinhäupl Architects.

The cooling is done by the so-called evaporative cooling. This is due to the fact that water is forced through fine nozzles at high pressure and these very fine drops of water evaporate in the heat. This reduces the ambient temperature and it comes to the cool effect.



Raintime systems for cooling with fog

Highest quality is natural for Raintime high pressure mist systems. Designed for robustness and continuous load, our pumps are manufactured, tested and assembled in the production center Leopoldsdorf / Vienna.

Our systems can be used both in the private and in the commercial sector. We offer individual custom solutions with planning and execution as well as an online shop FOGCenter with systems for self-assembly. Tip! The perfectly matched complete sets >

Raintime Fog Technology

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