The number one cause of weeds in lawns is nutrient deficiency. In contrast to weeds, lawn grasses have a high nutrient requirement and if this is not met, moss, clover or dandelion will find optimal growth conditions.

The weeds grow even faster if, in addition to a lack of nutrients, the lawn is also not sufficiently watered. The grass begins to wither, but by the time it has regenerated itself from its roots, the weeds have already multiplied frantically.

These types of weeds are found in the lawn

Annual weeds

  • White clover
  • Honorary award
  • White goosefoot
  • Chickweed
  • Millet
  • Middle plantain
  • Daisy

Perennial weeds

  • Wood sorrel
  • Horn clover
  • Dandelion
  • Little dock
  • Ragwort
  • Little Braunelle

Lawn moss

  • Hornworts
  • Liverworts
  • Moss
  • Peat moss

Combate weeds in the lawn

✅ Regular scarifying pushes back weeds that form carpet

Carpet-forming weeds such as white clover, Gundermann and Ehrenpreis can be pushed back in the long term by regular and deep scarifying.

✅ Weed cutters are helpful for weeds with tap roots

For weeds that develop a taproot such as yarrow or dandelion, special weed pickers are available. Because these clamp the tap root with metal prongs and are completely pulled out of the ground.

Chemical weed killers

There is a large selection of chemical weed killers that contain so-called growth substances. These cause uncontrolled growth in all dicotyledonous plants – weeds are one of them – and ultimately ensure that they die. Since lawn grasses are monocot plants, these chemical destroyers cannot harm them.

Home remedies for weeds

✅ Lime helps against moss
✅ Ash: Regularly sprinkle charcoal ash on the weeds in autumn to prevent them from sprouting again in the following spring.
✅ Hot water destroys the organism of the plant – therefore pour hot water on the weeds, let it dry, pull out and pour hot water again on the spot.

If you don’t want weeds to provide a breeding ground for growth, you should mow, fertilize, and water properly regularly.

Have you thought about automatically watering your lawn?

A permanently installed and automatic irrigation system for your lawn has numerous advantages:

  • TIME SAVING -> Since the casting processes are controlled automatically – and all according to your desired settings. Optionally, a rain sensor switches off your system when it rains.
  • WATER SAVINGS up to 70%! -> By watering in the cool morning hours, the evaporation of the applied water can be kept low.

With the professional irrigation systems from Raintime, you water properly and get a vital and weed-free lawn.


We are specialized in automatic irrigation systems for all areas and offer you all services – from advice and planning to installation.

Information about automatic irrigation systems

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