Finally the weather reports promise warm temperatures and an awakening of spring. Warm rays of sunshine are expected in the next few days and the first early bloomers will stretch their shoots out of the earth. The start of the gardening season is now officially and the beds can be prepared.

Prepare the beds

Bright flowers and a high-yield harvest are no coincidence. What is decisive is what the roots deliver, so you should take special care of the (nutrient) soil first. For optimal development of the sown plants, the preparation of the soil is essential .

Remove weeds

Above all, the nutrient content of the soil is crucial, so no weeds should grow on your beds. Because weeds deprive the earth of many nutrients and vital moisture.

Loosen up the earth

The looser the soil is, the the better heat, light and air can penetrate . A well-ventilated soil is important so that the roots of the plants can develop ideally. The roots can develop much more easily and penetrate deeper soil layers and thus better absorb the necessary nutrients that are stored there. Loosen the soil with a cultivator or a digging fork . So it is well ventilated and can absorb nutrients and water well.

With a finger test you can determine whether your soil is more l earthy and clayey (difficult) or rather sandy </ strong> (light) is. If the soil is heavy, add some sand to it. If the soil is light, you should add some substrate such as humus or mulch so that it can store the water well.

Enrich soil & fertilize

Plants and vegetables grow many times better in nutrient-rich soil. That is why you should before sowing the soil with compost and fertilizer . The nutrients it contains sustainably promote the growth process.

Let the bottom set

After the first work, the beds should rest for one to two weeks . During this time the loose soil settles and cavities close. After the rest period you can start sowing or planting.


✅ Smooth the soil, water it and press it lightly
✅ Make light grooves
✅ Apply a sufficient amount of seeds
✅ Ensure sufficient distance
✅ Lightly cover with substrate
✅ Soak very well

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