Construction work on our new company location in Münchendorf is in full play. Our new company building serves to expand the production area and production capacity as well as to expand our research and development activities.

With the construction of this representative administration building, we are merging our two core business areasirrigation technology and high-pressure fog technology – into a concentrated location.


High pressure fog technology & irrigation technology
in one location

The new location will be located at Santorastraße 8 in 2482 Münchendorf.

The total size including open space will amount to 2,500m². Of these, 400 m² will fall on office and exhibition space, another 400m² on production and storage space, and a total of 600m² will be available in the future as an exhibition space in the outdoor area. With the idea to provide many parking facilities, the remaining square meters flow into parking lots and storage space.


Completion / opening is scheduled for the end of March 2020 and we look forward to welcoming you to our new facility next year.

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