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Optimal room climate & humidification

Whether tram, business premises, restaurant, workplace or home, at the change of seasons in the cold months, the first effects of too dry air begin to make themselves felt. Especially in the winter months too dry air in closed rooms is a problem, because it promotes the spread of influenza viruses and other diseases. A suitable room climate with appropriate humidity plays an essential role in our health.

Many people find a dry indoor environment unpleasant and a dry mouth and throat are often the first physical signs. And the drier the air the more massive its consequences. Because the drier the air in the interior, the more dust particles whirring around and more dust particles means more viruses and bacteria. It lacks the dust-binding element of water vapor!

The optimum humidity is 40 – 60%. Below this range, symptoms of the disease are exacerbated and put a strain on the body. Indoor dry air is often responsible for:

  • cough
  • allergies
  • particulate pollution / dust pollution of the respiratory system
  • eye irritation
  • dry mucous membranes
  • weaker immune power
  • difficulty concentrating
  • a headache
  • sleep problems
  • breathing problems

According to studies, one in four offices in Austria is well below the minimum limit of 40% humidity. During periods of intense heating, the value drops even further to around 30%.

An optimally humidified air reduces the (flu) virus activity, which in turn strengthens immune defense, performance and generally the resistance to colds significantly improved.


Humidification with fog technology
Sustainable & cost efficient

High pressure mist systems are ideal for improving the indoor air in your home or workplace. They atomize water into its smallest unit – the water fog. Water fog binds the smallest dust particles and the viruses and bacteria adhering to them. There is a significant reduction of harmful pathogens in the air instead.

Humidification with mist systems is sustainable, cost effective and can be used throughout the year. High pressure mist systems are used in spring and summer at high temperatures with mist cooling. Find out more here>

Raintime Fog Technology

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