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The garden year finishes every year in November. Most of the flowers have already withered, the beds are empty and the leaves cover the floor in bright colors. Now the last flower bulbs are planted, the floor and the garden tools are maintained and the terrace and balcony are winterized. The attention of the last work is to protect the garden from frost damage.

Gardening November

Cultivate soil

After harvesting, the bare soil is very vulnerable to cold and frost. They protect it best from harsh weather and frost damage by loosening light and medium soils and digging heavy ones. For protection, distribute foliage or bark on top.

Cut the lawn

In November, the very last mowing is on, but only as long as the temperature does not fall below nine degrees, because below these nine degrees set all grasses their growth. The crop and fallen leaves are excellent for composting and hedgehogs provide an ideal hiding place.

Plant hedges

For all deciduous hedges such as the hornbeam, the month of November is a very convenient planting time. Even before the onset of winter, the young woody plants can easily form fine hair roots. A strong shortening of shoots after planting causes the trees to branch well in the following year.

Generel gardening November

  • Connect climbing plants to trellis before the onset of winter
  • Perform a rose cut
  • Plant roots bare roses
  • Dispose of rotten fruits on fruit trees
  • Before the first frost, apply glue rings to the trunks of the fruit tree
  • For the winter make a white painting on fruit trees
  • Put onions for early flowering plants
  • Clean garden tools
  • Set up birdhouses

Irrigation from the garden

The first frosty nights are sure to come with November. Frost is not only a danger for sensitive plants but also for your irrigation system. The remaining water in hoses or pipes can lead to enormous damage. You should now empty all water hoses and pipes and winterize your automatic irrigation system.
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