Heat waves with temperatures of up to 38 °C are no longer an exception in Vienna but a rule. In the future, the thermometer should ring even further up.

Vienna is one of the five cities in Europe that is particularly affected by global warming. In addition to Zurich, Rome, Athens and Zagreb, it is the capital of Austria, which, according to climate researchers (trade magazine Urban Climate), occupies first place in the top 5 and is expected to heat up particularly strongly in the coming decades.

A quick review shows this in numbers:

  • In 2017 there were 42 hot days in Vienna – an absolute record
  • In 2018 there were 38
  • 2019 to 25th June already 12th

The city of Vienna has taken on the last hot days “emergency measures” to cool off with mist showers. For example, spray mist showers and hoses were installed at Schwarzenbergplatz, Praterstern and Resselpark.

Cooling effect of / with mist showers

The way mist showers works is also known as “evaporation cold”. Water is pressed through very fine pressure (70bar) through fine nozzles, creating mist / fog. It comes to a sudden evaporation, which lowers the ambient temperature, since the water for the evaporation requires energy.

1 drop of water with 4 mm diameter is atomized into 12,000,000 mist droplets.
The surface is thus increased from 34mm² to about 40,000 m², which is equivalent to the area of ​​8 football fields.

These modern high-pressure mist systems are versatile and can be used both in the commercial and in the private sector – hospitable gardens, terraces, gardens, pool areas, venues / centers and much more. High-pressure mist systems / mist showers are characterized by low water and energy consumption. They allow a refreshingly noticeable cooling of up to 10 °C.

Raintime spray mist showers

Raintime is an Austrian master enterprise and specializes in fog technology / mist cooling. Our innovative developments allow our products to stand out from standard solutions in terms of durability, energy requirements and water requirements. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions including planning and implementation as well as the possibility of an online shop FOGCenter, which apart from individual products is characterized by its complete sets.

Raintime mist cooling system

Classic Basiskit  2.896,26 €  2.395,20 €


Raintime Fog Technology

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