The month of May is one of the most beautiful garden months and forms the basis for an extensive, successful vegetable and fruit harvest. When the ice saints are over in the middle of the month, there is no longer any threat of ground frost and sensitive and heat-loving plants can move outside.

Checklist vegetable garden May

You can prefer these plants indoors and then plant them outdoors towards the end of May:

✅ broccoli
✅ cucumber
✅ Kohlrabi
✅ pumpkin
✅ Leeks
✅ zucchini
✅ sweet corn

Vegetables that love more warmth can be sown from mid-May after the ice saints. These include

✅ French and runner beans
✅ cucumber
✅ pumpkin
✅ sweet corn

You can already sow these types of vegetables outdoors:

✅ pea
✅ Swiss chard
✅ carrots
✅ radishes
✅ radish
✅ rocket
✅ salad
✅ spinach
✅ onion

You can plant these plants out in May:

✅ potatoes
✅ Celeriac
✅ Kohlrabi
✅ pumpkin
✅ Leeks
✅ paprika
✅ red cabbage
✅ celery
✅ tomato
✅ white cabbage
✅ zucchini
✅ sweet corn
✅ onion

Garden tips May

Avoid moth infestation

If you want to avoid moth infestation, wait until early June before planting the leeks.

Keep carrot flies away

The first generation of carrot flies also begins their activity in May. We recommend that you cover your carrots with insect nets. This is how you prevent them from laying their eggs. When the second generation shows up at the beginning of August, the cover nets will be used again.

Fight weeds

Once all the seeds have accumulated, you should regularly loosen your vegetable patches with a hoe. This will prevent the soil from drying out too quickly and also keep the weeds at bay.


Regular and adequate watering is a must for freshly planted vegetables. In order for your vegetables to grow vigorously and produce lots of fruits, they not only need nutrients, but above all sufficient water. Water is the decisive factor for a good and productive harvest. With the garden hose or the watering can you can hardly guarantee a needs-based water supply, so it makes perfect sense to install an automatic irrigation system for your vegetable patches. With an automatic irrigation system you can optimally supply each of your plants and these systems are also very efficient and water-saving.


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