It doesn’t always have to be a large, splendid garden. Plant paradises can also be created on the balcony and terrace. With the right tips on plant care, you can transform your open space into a fragrant sea of ​​flowers. Standing, hanging, climbing, large, small, single or multi-colored, there is a large selection of suitable flowers for every terrace and balcony.

Balcony flower tips

Place balcony flowers

The ideal time to plant balcony flowers is after the annual ice saints in May. Up until this date, night frosts keep coming back and damaging the flowers. If you can’t wait to set the first colors, you should choose pansies, horned violets or spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, primroses or hyacinths.

Choice of plants

Choosing the right plants is crucial. So that you can really enjoy your planting for a long time, you should consider the following factors:

    How much space do you have available? Would you like to plant window boxes, hanging vessels or flower pots standing on the floor?
    In which direction is your terrace / balcony oriented? Shady, sunny or rather hot?
    Do you primarily want colorful, flowering plants or do you prefer evergreen plants? Maybe a mixture of both?
    Old or New Breeds? In the last few decades, the breeding of balcony flowers has made rapid progress. The new varieties of balcony flowers are usually more blooming and healthier than older varieties.
    How much time would you like to spend looking after your balcony flowers? Balcony flowers should be fertilized, cleaned, cut and watered regularly.

Potting soil

Since a very limited root space is available in flower boxes and tubs, the quality of the soil is particularly important. Features of good potting soil are:

  • High nutrient content
  • Loose texture
  • Stable structure
  • Rapid water absorption
  • Good water storage


Different plants require different amounts of water and the location also has a great influence on the amount of water required. Generally valid tips for correct irrigation are:

    It is better to water the balcony plants once a day and enough for that. The roots can really soak up.
  • TIME
    Early morning or late evening are ideal times to water. The water does not evaporate unused and can be easily absorbed by the plants.
    The plants should be watered until the whole balcony box is well soaked. Avoid waterlogging by all means! If the water cannot drain away, the roots die and the plant is no longer supplied with sufficient nutrients and water and begins to wither.

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