Currently, the ideal temperatures, your garden, make your lawn winter-proof. The works now form the foundation for a blooming and productive new garden year.

In most cases, the lawn in the garden occupies the largest area and it must be able to survive a lot, especially in the winter months with frosty temperatures and snow. For this reason, you should also give him an appropriate attention in the winter preparations.

Winterize the lawn


You should regularly remove decaying leaves completely. If leaves remain, the grass does not get enough sun and this promotes the growth of moss and creates brown spots.

The last lawn cut of the year should take place in late October or early November. As many know, the grass ceases to grow at a soil temperature of about nine degrees. Until reaching this temperature the lawn should be mowed, but not deeper than 4 to 5 centimeters. This keeps him stable and strong over the winter months and frost damage can be avoided.

While the grass clippings may be left in the summer months, you should now remove them in the fall. A lot of moisture tends to form under the cut and the lawn can not dry off even on dry days.


By mid-October, it is quite possible to remove the lawnfelt, to scarify the lawn. Please pay attention to the depth of the knife so as not to risk damaging the roots.


By no means should you use a fertilizer with lots of nitrogen and phosphorus in autumn. This would greatly stimulate the growth of the grass. In order to give the lawn the necessary strength to weather the winter well, we recommend a calf-proof, organic fertilizer. It makes the grass more resistant to frost and disease.


As long as the temperatures are still warm, you should mend bald spots in the lawn. Special reseeding mixtures are ideal for closing gaps in the lawn.


By late October, the irrigation time for your lawn ends. In order to protect your irrigation system from frost damage, it is also important to make it winterproof.

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