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The first mild days have already made us feel and anticipate the anticipation of spring. The bees are flying and even some of the colorful heralds of spring have already paved the way for the day. The vast majority of garden lovers can not wait to start working on a successful gardening year.

Spring is the ideal time to start gardening. Plan now properly! For example with an automatic irrigation system. This guarantees in the really hot months, an optimal supply of plants as well as an increase in free time.


Sowing & Planting

In February, spring crops such as radish, radishes, carrots and spinach can be sown outdoors. The first free field sowings receive a protective cover. Foil and fleece are equally suitable as a protective cover against cold and early harvesting. At the end of the month garlic, onion and onions can also be planted.

Pruning of trees

From the end of February to about mid-March, ideal deciduous hedges and shrubs – climbing roses, clematis, wisteria, … – are cut. The only exception are the early flowering plants and trees.

A professional fruit tree section is a very important measure to maintain good health and also for a good yield. In young trees, which showed a high shoot growth in the preseason or did not bear fruit, should not be cut stargazing, because these are the consequences of too much re-cut. The tree should rather come to rest.

Frost cracks

In February, there is usually already pronounced sunshine with still low total temperatures. The northern sides of the tree trunks remain frozen during the day while the southern sides warm up and thaw during the day. This can lead to the tearing of the trunks. This south-facing heating can prevent with whites or developing the trunks with mats.


Already think about watering your plants. Automatic irrigation systems save you time & water. In addition, your plants are also ideally cared for during your absence.

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