Lush flower beds should not be missing in any garden, because the colorful splendor invites you to linger and relax and provides a wonderful scent. Flowering beds are particularly popular because they surprise with ever new blossoms from spring to autumn.

A healthy and blooming flower bed needs a lot of maintenance: fertilizing, cutting and watering are the most important measures.

Care tips for beds


In addition to the important minerals nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, plants also need trace elements such as iron, copper, magnesium, … for healthy growth and abundant flowering.

TIP! Fertilize before mulching, because bark mulch binds important nutrients – above all nitrogen – through its decomposition process.

If you prepare the soil properly, you can avoid deficiency symptoms. Ideally, you should already provide the soil with all the necessary nutrients when you are gardening in autumn by mixing generously with ripe compost under the soil.


As a rule of thumb, early-flowering plants are always pruned after flowering, late-flowering plants only in the following spring. Ground cover is cut at the shoot tips in June / July and onion plants are only cut after the foliage has withered completely.


You should pay special attention to watering, because most of the plants in the flowerbed cannot cope with long drying breaks.

Water your plants regularly at the roots close to the ground – ideally the entire root ball evenly. Many flowers do not tolerate water well on their foliage. Ugly spots appear and leaf rot can easily develop.

To avoid burns from water droplets on leaves, use the morning or evening hours. In addition, the water does not evaporate unused and can be easily absorbed by the plants.

Water your flowers until the soil is well soaked. Avoid waterlogging by all means! If the water cannot drain away, the roots die and the plant is no longer supplied with sufficient nutrients and water and begins to wither.

Have you already thought about an automatic watering of your beds?

Every flower lover knows how much time it takes to water to get healthy and beautiful plants. Automatic irrigation optimally supplies your beds with the right amount of water, supports health, promotes blooming and gives you more free time, independence and comfort.


We are specialized in automatic irrigation systems for all areas and offer you all services – from advice and planning to installation.

Information about automatic irrigation systems

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